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Stratasys to Replace the Mojo?

A few short years ago Stratasys introduced the “Mojo”, their lowest cost professional 3D printer. But is it about to be replaced? 

There are a couple of reasons we suspect this could be the case. 

First, the product has remained unchanged since its announcement in May 2012. It’s not so much that it’s “due” for a refresh, as other machines in the Stratasys portfolio have remained on the product shelf longer, but rather because as the lowest option from Stratasys, it faces competition from alternatives. 

For its price of USD$10K it is now possible to obtain alternative 3D printers with similar or better features, particularly in build volume. We are not certain of Stratasys’ Mojo sales, but given the amount of competition it seems time to react. 

Secondly, we’ve seen at least one Stratasys reseller offering the Mojo for 32% off the normal price. Manufacturers sometimes drop prices on current units in an effort to clear inventory ahead of replacement models. 

There have been no announcements in this regard, but at this point we wouldn’t be surprised if one occurred.

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