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ZMorph Moves into the USA

ZMorph takes a very big step by commencing distribution in the USA. 

The USA is, of course, one of the largest markets for 3D printing in the world, so it is natural that any printer manufacturer desires business in that country. ZMorph’s new distribution arrangement should make it much easier for resellers to obtain ZMorph equipment and services. Expect to see ZMorph sales and buzz rise in the next year. 

If you haven’t heard of ZMorph, we can tell you it’s a fascinating 3D printer that’s actually more than just a 3D printer. The machine has the ability to “morph” into other types of manufacturing machines by simply replacing the print head with a different tool. 

Currently you can equip your ZMorph with two types of plastic extruders, a dual head extruder, ceramic extruder, cake & chocolate extruder, dremel drill mount and 3D touch probe. 

We understand that ZMorph will announce two new very interesting toolhead in the next while: a low-power laser for etching and cutting some materials and a 5-axis mount, which could enable complex milling operations. 

For those deep into DIY making, the ZMorph could be the machine of choice. We call it the “Anything” printer. 

Via ZMorph

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