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A Peek Inside Shapeways

Shapeways just opened a new 3D print factory. Want to see inside? 

The popular 3D print service produced a short walkthrough video that tours each of the key locations in the new factory, located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Apparently it’s their third location in Eindhoven. 

We previously visited their Brooklyn location and scenes from Eindhoven look quite familiar. There are rooms dedicated to the 3D printers themselves, separate from extraction rooms, where printed objects are extracted from print canisters swapped out after printing. These areas get pretty messy due to the powder, so they must be separate. 

There are rooms for finishing, including polishing with vibratory medium or dyeing with colors. Finally, objects are sorted and packed for shipping to customers. 

We note the new Shapeways factory has a lot of empty space that could accommodate quite a few more 3D printers. Perhaps they have big expansion plans? 

Via Shapeways

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