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Hardcotton’s SLA 3D Printer Launches

Finally the low-cost Elemental SLA 3D printer has launched. 

This machine is a resin 3D printer, similar to many that have recently launched, but it has a different approach that could provide additional quality. It uses a “pressure controlled” method. What’s that? They explain: 

Unlike traditional methods of 3D printing that rely upon a mechanical process to move a build platform away from the source of print production after each layer is printed, Elemental uses patent pending pressure control technology to prints objects by increasing the volume of resin above the build platform. 

In other words, to create a new layer in typical resin machines, the build platform drops a little bit, permitting resin to wash over top of the in-progress print. Hardcotton’s Elemental machine instead uses a pressure system to push up the level of resin over top of the in-progress print. This means the build platform does not have to move at all, making the machine less complex - and possibly more accurate. 

We’ve covered the machine itself previously, but now you can actually order one. They’re priced at a very reasonable AUD$1200 (USD$1036), far lower than some other resin 3D printer options. 

However, as this is a startup venture, we must provide a caution as we now do on all new company launches. You are not necessarily guaranteed to get the result you want. But, if you don’t purchase, you absolutely won’t get one, either. 

Via Kickstarter

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