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What To Make With Metal 3D Printers?

Earlier this week we saw a 3D printed branding iron. Could this be the beginning of a new class of 3D prints? 

The 3D printed branding iron was featured on many sites due to its ingenuity. A small, inexpensive 3D print became a functional object anyone could use to perform something few would have thought they’d ever be able to do. Amazing. 

The brand, produced by Etsy maker niquegeek, simply snaps onto a standard lighter: 

The unique 3D printed steel branding iron snaps right onto a standard Bic lighter and features a large Superman insignia.

Simply light up and hold the flame on the metal end for about 60-90 seconds and then brand away! Be sure to practice a few times on a scrap piece of wood to get an idea for how long it will take and to get your technique down.

But here’s the thing: this object would never have been possible without commonly available 3D metal printing capability. One can imagine this same approach being used for all manner of brands. Companies may give them out to promote their “brand”. (Brand of a brand, hm.) Personalized brands could be given as gifts. Non-smokers could begin purchasing cigarette lighters. 

As 3D metal printing becomes commonplace, expect to see a new wave of unique metal objects with functions 

Via Etsy

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