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A 3D Printable Construction Set for Kids

Has your child run out of a particular piece for their mass-produced construction kit? That’s not a concern if you have Ingocraft’s 3D printable construction set.

Andreas and Marianne Boll, the folks at Ingocraft believe kids need “tools, not toys”, and we couldn’t agree more. They want to indoctrinate youngsters in modern methods of design and making at an early age. 

The 3D printable construction set, Ingocraft, includes the Ingocraft App with which children can design simplified models using parts from a standard library. The kit also includes a starter set of pre-printed parts, but you will be able to print as many additional parts as required for any design. 

The app is quite interesting, as kids can not only create and save their designs, they can also share with others, collaborate and modify existing designs. 

New components are expected to be offered through the life of the product via “expansion packs”. This concept provides the flexibility to continually encourage children who are especially keen on design and making. 

The product is available now on Kickstarter. Prices for the first kit will be USD$34, but early adopters may find some discounts. We’re also told there will be limited quantities of kits, so if you wish to get one for someone this holiday season, you’d best act soon. 

Via Kickstarter and Ingocraft


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