CreatorBots are Now Shipping

We received an update from 3D Printerworks regarding their product, the CreatorBot personal 3D printer. It’s now shipping. 

The aspects we notice most about this machine are the flexibility and size. The build volume is hefty compared to most machines in their price range (under USD$2,000): 305 x 305 x 457mm. The height alone is more than twice that offered by most other personal 3D printers. 

The company also provides quite a bit of flexibility when ordering: you can order a machine with one or two extruders, heated bed or not, acrylic enclosure to capture heat or not, and optional WiFi connection. 

Their product launch occurred this past summer, when their Kickstarter campaign raised USD$75,000, more than twice their campaign goal. Now they are shipping products to customers. Tom Kilar of 3D Printerworks told us: 

We shipped our first round of printer kits to our customers and are receiving great feedback on the quality and service we have provided so far.

The company has also developed an accessory cabinet on which you can mount your CreatorBot for USD$450. The cabinet includes 170L (6 cubic feet) of space for supplies and tools. We understand they’re also working on figuring out a way to handle large capacity filament spools to ensure the huge prints that emerge from the CreatorBot take few or even no spool swaps. 

Via 3D Printerworks

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