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The Gigantic Opiliones 3D Printer

Need to 3D print a really tall item? You might consider acquiring the incredibly tall Opiliones model “XL”.

Actually, the 14-month old Netherlands-based company offers three models, the “M”, “L” and the “XL”. There’s no “S”, as these are all large 3D printers. 

The delta-style models are all more-or-less identical, aside from their dimensions. Two versions of each size are offered: one with a heated build plate (the “Full option”) and one without (“Standard”). The M, prints within a cylindrical build volume of 310 x 405mm tall, whereas the L is 500 x 745mm. The L is available for €2,495 or €3,295 (USD$3,065 or USD$4,048) and the M goes is a bit less expensive at €1,995 (USD$2,450).

The XL, shown at top is not yet available, but is expected to launch next summer at a price of around €15,000 (USD$18,500). It’s dimensions? They were not specified at our visit, but we’d guess 1m diameter and 2m tall. Wow! 

Via Opiliones

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