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3D Model Marketplaces


With the huge number of personal 3D printers being sold, one wonders where 3D models will be found to print on them. 

There are the usual places, of course, such as Thingiverse, but we’re beginning to see the emergence of a number of small markets that attempt to address various object-type niches.

One that was recently brought to our attention is Toy Plans, created by student Callum Hubbarde of the UK, who is trying to “test whether a toy-focused niche can be built in the STL marketplace”

In concept, we think this is a good idea, as those who are interested in specific niche areas are likely to focus on sites that feature that niche. 

In practice, it will be difficult for such ventures to succeed as they must somehow break through the significant marketing and momentum of the existing 3D model repositories. 

Regardless, if you’re interested in toy modeling, you might want to check out Toy Plans and the design contest they’re currently running. 

Via Toy Plans

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