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The Complete 3D Printing Conference

There’s a rather different type of 3D printing conference about to take place and those hoping to launch a 3D print-related business should consider attending. 

It’s the Complete 3D Printing Conference, a one-day affair put on by the fine folks at 3D Printshow. There’s no exhibits, just talks - and networking. The focus is, of course, the business of 3D printing. 

Talks are scheduled from industry analysts, such as Dr. Phil Reeves of Econolyst and Scott Dunham of Photizo, as well as several case studies involving IBM, Disney and others. Predictions of 3D printing futures and an analysis of 3D printing patent scenarios will also be presented. 

It seems to us that there’s a lot of deep 3D printing content that some will find quite useful. If you’re able to get to London on March 25th, you’ll receive it all. 

Pricing for the event is £450 (USD$750) - but get this - if you register by Wednesday March 19th, your fee will be discounted by 50%, so you’ll pay only £225 (USD$375).

Via 3D Printshow

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