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3D File Market’s 3D Models

Another 3D model repository has appeared: 3D File Market. 

There are a growing number of these small 3D model repositories. 3D File Market seems to have a little over 100 models at the present, and like the other small repositories, it will have a great challenge to compete with the likes of Thingiverse or even Youmagine. 

Most of the 3D models we looked at were priced as “Free”, but we  expect more to be non-free in the future as designers sign on to the service and add their content. 

So what’s different about 3D File Market? Here’s what 3D File Market’s Phil Cotton says: 

There are many different file sharing sites out there at the moment, however the is unique in all designs have been verified and checked that the models are actually printable, you will not see screen shots of CAD models on the, printability is the key here. Also there is no restriction to how you use the site, you can download as many models as you like and you don’t even have to register for an account. I personally approve all the designs that make it to the site, if the quality is not good enough then the design will be rejected.

Sounds like a good approach to us. 

Via 3D File Market

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