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MIT Offers 3D Printing Overview

mit pro ed.gif

MIT’s Professional Education division now offers a course specifically on Additive Manufacturing. 

They say: 

Additive manufacturing (AM) processes were first demonstrated more than 20 years ago; however, only recently has broad industrial and consumer interest ignited, with potential implications ranging from ubiquitous personal fabrication to disruption of traditional supply chains. The goal of this course is to present a comprehensive overview of AM, spanning from fundamentals to applications and technology trends. Participants will learn the principles of AM of polymers, metals, and ceramics and how process capabilities (rate, cost, quality) are determined by the material characteristics, process parameters, and machine designs.

They’re focusing on several industrial application areas, including aerospace, medical, architectural and much more. 

The course fee is USD$4,000 for a five day experience and includes 30% “Lab Work”. 

We’re excited to see the technology now has reached the stage where it is normally included in education programs from notable institutions such as MIT. 


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