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MakerBot Re-Supports Older Models

MBDesktop Supported.jpg

MakerBot released a new version of their latest 3D printer management suite, MakerBot Desktop. There was a surprise in it. 

The surprise is that the new version now supports older MakerBot equipment. Previously, the suite supported only the company’s latest “Fifth Generation” equipment. The numerous owners of previous equipment had been left wondering the fate of software support for their machines, having had to use the older, but still usable MakerWare tool. 

To be clear, MakerBot Desktop’s printer management tool is pretty much the same as MakerWare; it’s almost like MakerWare is embedded inside MakerBot Desktop. Another way to look at it is that MakerWare now includes the cloud storage, digital store access and Thingiverse integration previously available only to new MakerBot purchasers. 

Sadly, the original MakerBot CupCake is not officially supported. But you should have upgraded by now anyway. 

Via MakerBot

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