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Announcing the Fabbaloo Buying Guide

After some effort we’ve decided to replace our popular 3D Resources page with a much more sophisticated service: the Fabbaloo Buying Guide.

The buying guide makes your life a lot easier when searching for 3D printing-related products or services. We’ve observed that people new to 3D printing often have a challenge when searching for equipment, mainly because it’s a new domain of knowledge they’re not yet familiar with. 

When buying a familiar item, like an automobile or appliance, people generally know the features and capabilities that drive their selection. But in the new world of personal 3D printing, that is frequently not the case. 

We’ve boiled the process down into a simple process: answer a series of  3D printing “lifestyle” questions and our buying guide will automatically generate a list of personal 3D printers you should consider, including your budget. The questions effectively translate technical specifications into real-life capabilities that are understandable by everyone. 

In addition to selecting personal 3D printers, we have a similar guide for selecting 3D modeling software. Lifestyle questions again lead you towards the products you should consider. 

Finally, the guide also provides lists of popular options for 3D print services, materials and pre-made 3D models. 

Check it out right now!

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