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The Next Generation Sharebot XXL

They named it the “XXL” and they weren’t joking. Sharebot’s latest machine is a giant. 

Italy-based Sharebot says the XXL is dedicated to:

Architects and engineers who demand a tool which could realize models and prototypes with bigger dimensions, higher printing quality and higher definition

The most notable specification of the XXL is, of course, its build volume. This machine can print objects up to an amazing 700 x 200 x 200mm, more than double the volume of typical machines in this class. 

The XXL has fairly standard specs otherwise: 0.1mm layer size, PLA-only, no heated print surface, 0.35mm nozzle, 1.75mm filament and an integrated LCD control panel. 

While you might wonder why the machine didn’t include “advanced” features such as a heated print bed, enclosed environmental cabinet and dual extruders, we suspect it’s simply a matter of practicality.

With such a large print bed, the prints will take a long time to complete. If prints on the XXL weren’t big, you wouldn’t have purchase this machine, would you? It’s a simple, proven design that should just work, even at this size. 

Our single concern relates to possible warping of PLA. Without a heated plate, there is a risk that PLA may warp and unstick during printing. This is particularly concerning for large prints such as would be typically performed on this machine. We’d be adding a super-sticky removable print surface to the XXL’s normal print bed as an add-on. 

The XXL is in fact not shipping yet. However, you are welcome to pre-order one at a price of  €3,510 (USD$4,450), discounted for product launch from €3,900 (USD$4,950).

Via Sharebot

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