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What Will 3D Systems Announce?

Last year at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show 3D Systems announced a lot of gear. What will they announce this year? 

We had a hard time last year keeping up with 3D Systems. Their CEO, Avi Reichental, took us for a personal tour of the seemingly dozens of new products and services they displayed to the public for the first time. It was overwhelming. 

However, several of the products were announced but not yet released. Over the past year some of them made it to the market, including: the new Cube, the prosumer CubePro and others. 

But some have not yet made it to the market. The CubeJet, for example, was a low-cost full-RGB-color 3D printer to be priced under USD$10K (image at top). This unit has not been released and in fact no longer appears on the Cubify site. 

Similarly, the ceramic-printing CeraJet has also not yet been released. The sugar sculpture-printing ChefJet series have also not been released, but a page on 3D Systems’ site now indicates they’ll be available in the “second half of 2015”. 

While it could be that these particular machines may have had technical difficulties, it’s more likely 3D Systems is waiting for the market to gain more interest. By showing them at CES last year, they no doubt encountered a lot of feedback from potential clients, which perhaps they’re integrating into the machine. 

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