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Open3DP’s Polymer Guide For 3D Printing

Researchers at the University of Washington have put together a quick guide to chemically binding 3D printing materials. 

The problem happens all too often: a delicate 3D print - usually one that took a dozen hours to complete - snaps after being knocked off the table by the family pet. What do you do? Print it again? Or should you glue the pieces together? 

But wait - HOW do you glue the pieces together? With a variety of different materials being 3D printed these days, the “use superglue” answer may not always be the correct answer. 

Fortunately, Open3DP has published a comprehensive list of commonly printed materials and the correct adhesive options for each. 

You’ll learn, for example, that Gorilla glue is a “cheap effective” solution for gluing broken Ninjaflex prints, or that PET, HDPE, LDPE, HMWPE and PTFE can be kinetically bonded. 

Finally, they provide five excellent tips to find your way through almost any solvent question you may encounter. And safety tips, too. 

Broken prints? Read Open3DP’s advice.

Via Open3DP

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