SMARTTECH 3D’s New Industrial 3D Scanner

SMARTTECH 3D announced a powerful 3D scanner designed for industrial use: the SMARTTECH 3D Robotized.

It’s a structured light 3D scanner that operates within an enclosed chamber. Why the enclosed chamber? It’s for safety: the structured light emitter is moved around the subject by a conventional robot arm. 

This arrangement ensures optimum coverage during a scan. Consider that many other scanners simply involve spinning a subject in front of a fixed sensor. In the case of the SMARTTECH 3D Robotized, the sensor can travel all around the subject at virtually any angle. In fact, the robot arm includes seven dimensions of movement, so that objects with complex shapes can be successfully scanned. 

Sure, you might be able to do this manually with a handheld 3D scanner, but it requires you to do the work. This machine does it automatically for you, so you can do other tasks. It’s designed for industry, who wish to make the best use of their human resources through automation. 

Once the scan is captured, it can be exported to Geomagic 3D software for processing. You might want to reverse engineer a scan into a comparable CAD model, for example. 

Another common function you might perform with this unit is quality control: it can compare a scan to a 3D CAD model and prepare a report on the differences. This enables you to ensure the quality of a 3D printed part versus the intended design specifications. 

How big an item can you scan? The workspace within the SMARTTECH 3D Robotized is a healthy 300 x 230 x 180mm, sufficient to scan many large parts. 

If your workshop produces parts and requires an improved quality control function, you might consider the SMARTTECH 3D Robotized. 


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