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We Now Offer A Weekly Newsletter

Today we’re announcing our newsletter options have changed: you can now subscribe for weekly updates as well as daily! 

We’ve offered our daily email newsletter for some years now, and have a large number of subscribers. Each subscriber has been receiving a daily email containing titles and abstracts of the day’s 3D printing news. 

Everyone seems to have their own personal preferences on how to read our material. While many people simply read our web page directly, others prefer to get their news through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. And a large number prefer email, too. We've had some requests for a weekly offering, so why not?

Today we now offer two methods of subscription: daily or weekly. With the weekly subscription, you will receive a single email per week containing links to all of the previous week’s stories on Fabbaloo. The email is a bit longer, but you’ll see 15-20 3D printing stories all at once. 

There is no change to existing daily newsletter subscribers, but feel free to switch if you’d prefer the weekly instead of the daily. 

How to subscribe to the weekly newsletter? Simply hit our subscription page and select your preferred method. 

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