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Need A Different 3D Printer Filament Color? Colorilab Has Over 180

One of the ongoing annoyances with filament-based 3D printing is the lack of suitable colors for prints. Now that may change with Colorilab’s massive color set. 

The Canadian company seems to be attacking the color situation boldly, attempting to offer over 350 different filament options. These include not only 180+ unique colors, but also 13 different polymers, including all the most commonly used types, such as: “Pla Abs Hips Nylon Petg Pc Hipla Pom Tpe Tpu” and more. 

They’re working on more than just a wide selection of colors, as they also intend to produce the “Right” colors. Consider this example, where they show a typical vendor’s “Gold” filament on the left and ColoriLAB’s “Gold” on the right. Notice the difference? Is it brown or gold? 

Here’s another example: “Clear” filament. Is the one on the right really clear? We don’t think so, but it’s probably labeled as such from a filament vendor. 

You’ve probably had the same feeling when ordering such color filaments from a vendor: what will it REALLY look like when it arrives? Often it’s not what you hoped for. Silver is usually some grade of gray, sometimes shiny, sometimes not. Is it Silver? Who knows. But hopefully ColoriLAB can set some standards by which these things can be judged. 

There’s one statement from them that seems to sum up what they’re trying to do: 

Refer to ColoriLAB for that  specific filament: If like us you know how hard & time consuming it is to find the right color, you will be delighted to check over ColoriLAB online store first. Our aim is to offer the 3D printing filaments that you need, when you need it. 

ColoriLAB’s Vince Hebert explains how this all began: 

More and more designers, artists and entrepreneurs are tempted by the 3D printer manufacturing or additive manufacturing. I'm no different. I started to 3D manufacture about a year and a half ago. Quickly I have been suffering from the 3D filaments & poor colors availability on the market. 
That is why we are working on a project to offer over 180 filament colors, probably the first large filament color chart, & about 13 filament polymer resins; tested & specified for you, so you don't have to.
No more filament surprises & nearly limitless possibilities.

This is something the world of 3D printing needs, as the state of colors across vendors of 3D printer filament today is essentially “the wild west”. 

Yes, there’s a catch. ColoriLAB has not yet launched! Apparently they’re working on a Kickstarter campaign that should appear soon. But for now, all you can do is sign up on their site to be notified once they launch. Check it out! 

Via ColoriLAB

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