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The LulzBot TAZ 5 Suddenly Appears

taz 5 overview.png

Aleph Objects has announced the TAZ 5 personal 3D printer. 

The TAZ 5 continues on the evolution of Aleph Objects’ flagship line of personal 3D printers, taking the helm from the 4, which superseded the 3, etc. 

So what are the highlights of the TAZ 5? Here’s what we noticed:

  • Print volume is 298 x 275 x 250mm, still quite large and similar to previous models
  • Print speed is up to 200mm/second, which should permit some very rapidly created objects
  • The extruder has been upgraded to enable temperatures of 300C, permitting printing of almost any filament material, including wood and metal-infused products
  • The print surface is now PEI, which should significantly improve the simplicity and reliability of parts sticking to the print bed
  • Layer size of as small as 0.075mm

The sudden appearance of this model is apparently due to the success of previous versions, whose sales enabled Aleph Objects to speed up development of the new model. 

As of now the TAZ 5 is available for purchase at their online store for USD$2,195, with free shipping to US, EU and Canada. 

Via LulzBot

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