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STACKER Breaks Through Pledge Barrier

New products should be launched with a splash, and it seems that STACKER has certainly done so.

The professional 3D printer, which we wrote about recently, has surpassed its funding goal of USD$100,000. In fact, as of this writing, the company has raised over USD$150,000 with around three weeks yet to go in their launch campaign. 

It’s not surprising, given the unique features of this fascinating 3D printer. It’s most notable feature is the four extruders, which can not only print up to four materials, but can also be synchronized to print four identical objects simultaneously. 

Stacker3D, the company behind STACKER, also announced a new hot end, the HYBRID. The HYBRID includes interchangeable nozzles that can be used to print differing materials. HYBRID is made of a “special grade of stainless steel” that will enable continous printing of metal composite filaments, unlike the more common brass nozzles that will gradually wear when printing metal filaments. It’s to be standard equipment on STACKER machines, but will also be available to the public as an upgrade for other machines.  

Via Kickstarter

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