MyMiniFactory’s Offering a Gift to Participate

Need another spool of 3D printer filament? You might want to check out MyMiniFactory’s latest offer. 

MyMiniFactory is one of a few successful printable 3D model repositories, and we think it could be due to their continually innovative approaches to developing their community. While multiple other repositories have emerged, many simply offer a buy/sell service and not much else.

Aside from 3D models, the company provides 3D print services, printability verification, commissioned 3D model sales, 3D job board, 3D design service and even a TV channel. But perhaps the most powerful aspect of the service is their relationship with iMakr, the international storefront retail store for 3D printing. MyMiniFactory makes iMakr more interesting and iMakr makes MyMiniFactory stronger. It’s a true ecosystem, something necessary for any 3D print venture to succeed. 

Recently they’ve begun a program to attract more designers to their service. Here’s how they explain how it works: 

Register a designer profile on MyMiniFactory, upload a guaranteed 3D printable design (with photos of your print) and we’ll send you a free spool of filament!

We suspect most Fabbaloo readers would qualify and thus it could be an easy way to get some filament – and get involved in another growing 3D print ecosystem. To get started, they ask you to contact them directly here

Via MyMiniFactory 

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