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3DP Unlimited Introduces Leasing Program

3DP1000 printing - 1.jpg

Can’t afford a gigantic 3D printer? Well, maybe you can now.

3DP Unlimited, makers of the massive 3DP1000 printer with its staggering 1000 x 1000 x 500mm build volume, just made it a lot easier to acquire one of their machines. 

It’s through a leasing program. Normally the 3DP1000 will set you back around USD$20,000, which for smaller businesses - and certainly individuals - could be a bit much to swallow all at once. With the new leasing program, the company will provide you with a brand new 3DP1000 and you’ll pay a monthly lease payment of less than USD$400.

We believe the USD$400 rate is for a 60 month period. 3DP Unlimited offers lease periods of 23, 36, 48 and 60 months. So expect slightly higher monthly rates for shorter lease periods. 

For companies seeking a large-format 3D printer, the leasing program could be just what is required. The lease ensures a predictable and low monthly expense for the machine that could match expected production from it. 

For individuals, it’s a bit more tricky. Some may still think USD$400 is too expensive, but let’s put this in perspective: suppose you owned a 3DP1000 and were paying USD$400 per month. Could you print a large, interesting object once per month and sell it for more than USD$400? 

Given some creativity and a little bit of sales acumen, we think this is quite possible for individuals to do. The size of objects coming out of a 3DP1000 are large enough that it’s likely an individual could make decent cash by providing large-format 3D print services to local companies - either small manufacturers not able to get into 3D printing themselves or artists requiring larger prints. Both of those groups would likely be attracted by lower priced printing on a 3DP1000 as compared to the cost of printing large items on a commercial 3D print service. 

Via 3DP Unlimited

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