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NVM Design Leverages 3D Printing

A New York City startup is leveraging 3D printing to develop unusual high-end jewelry. 

NVM Design is a two-year old company founded by creative consultant Allegra Crespi and physicist Martin Griswold. 

It may appear that a physicist would be an unlikely candidate to found a jewelry company, but in the world of 3D printing, this makes more sense, as some of NVM Designs’ pieces are computer-generated. While not literally physics, the ability to create generated 3D models is something a physicist could tackle. 

We believe many industries must adapt to 3D printing simply because the technology enables approaches not previously doable. In some cases, the “not doable” paradigm is so pervasive that designers may not even realize what is now possible. This is what NVM Design has to say about that: 

Today, a new set of technologies is changing the way objects are made. The smooth, unadorned shapes of the last century were driven by efficiency, but 3D printers can make complex shapes just as easily as simple ones. At NVM, we build pieces that express the ideals of this new technology, using printers and 3D scanners to do things that would be difficult, if not impossible, with traditional tools alone.

The company has developed a first collection of jewelry items, sequentially named “NVM 001”, which employs not only generative 3D design, but also reuse of actual lichen, a type of moss found in the wilds. 

Via NVM Design

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