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Futur3D’s Precision DLP 3D Printer

Futur3D has announced a high-resolution resin-based 3D printer, the 3Dwarf. 

Prague-based 3D printer manufacturer Futur3D has been making 3D printers for a while, most notably a delta-robot design. But now they’re moving into high-resolution territory by introducing the 3DWARF, a DLP-driven resin 3D printer capable of creating high resolution 3D prints. 

With a reasonable (for a resin 3D printer) build volume of 105 x 155 x 200mm, the 3DWARF is able to print very fine objects, such as the frog shown here in layer sizes as small as 0.015mm and as large as 0.05 for faster prints. 

This machine features an SD card for local print operation as well as an integrated WiFi network connection for operation via cloud or potentially from an app, although the company does not appear to provide this capability yet. 

The machine would be ideal for makers of small models, movie props and parts.

Available now, the 3DWARF retails for around USD$2,300. 

Via Futur3D and 3DWARF

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