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Nicolas Cage is Into 3D Printing?

Here’s a rumor for you: actor Nicolas Cage is into 3D printing. 

In speaking to a representative from an unnamed company at the recent 3D Printshow in London, we learned that the actor owns a property near Glastonbury in the UK. Apparently the property includes a workshop in which he’s installed multiple 3D printers. 

We have no idea if this is true or not, but the fellow we spoke with was insistent this was in fact true. We do, however, have direct evidence the actor does indeed own property in that area. According to a report in the daily mail, Cage explained: 

I have a tiny – and I do mean tiny – little cottage in Somerset, near Glastonbury… and I enjoy it that way. The magic of the green hills and the trees and the history.

We don’t doubt the story, though. It’s entirely possible someone with financial means and a technical interest would explore a new technology such as 3D printing. Wouldn’t you? 

Curiously, this particular area is noted for its 3D printing history: Adrian Bowyer, one of the founders of the RepRap project, was based at the nearby University of Bath; and the former Bits From Bytes operation that was purchased by 3D Systems in 2011 to launch their Cube line was located in nearby Clevedon south of Bristol. 

And now Nicolas Cage is 3D printing there, too, apparently. 

If anyone can offer some confirmation on this story, we’d appreciate it. 

Via Daily Mail

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