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PrintParts is Recruiting Makers - And is Giving Away a 3D Printer

New York-based PrintParts is about to launch a network of 3D printers and hopes you’ll join their community. 

It is becoming a very crowded market. We’ve seen multiple 3D printer community networks launched recently, and it is likely going to be challenging for any newcomers to go up against the established networks such as 3D Hubs and MakeXYZ, both of which have already amassed a huge number of 3D printer operators. 

Nevertheless, PrintParts hopes to do so. They’re currently recruiting as many 3D printer operators as they can before launch. 

To attract participants, PrintParts is offering a prize of a fifth-gen MakerBot Replicator 3D printer, valued at USD$2,899. They’re also offering a referral bonus in which five referrals gets you into their “beta program” that includes “exclusive membership discounts for life!”

Here’s the funny thing: we don’t know exactly when they’ll launch. From their contest rules: 

The Contest begins when the “Launch Contest Landing Page” goes live, estimated date May 20th, 2015 and ends when the “” website has been launched and is no longer in “Beta” or test mode (“Contest Period”). 

It would appear they’re not launching until they have a sufficient quantity of participants, which is a very good idea. 

There is little information, well none that we can find, regarding the nature of the PrintParts service. What is the commission rate? Are transactions decided by auction? Who can participate? How will a customer interact? How many participants are signed up?

Hopefully PrintParts will tell more in the future, otherwise they may find it more difficult to recruit participants who would like to know more before they sign up. 

On the other hand, you could win a Replicator!

Via PrintParts

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