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You Invent Brings 3D Printing to Students

A new venture in the UK has developed a package for easily launching 3D printing clubs for students. 

You Invent believes learning goes beyond the classroom, particularly today when students are faced with an explosion of new creative technologies. Specifically, 3D modeling and 3D printing have become accessible to students as pricing has dropped in recent years, but school programs may not include these technologies, or provide sufficient time to work with them. 

That’s where You Invent comes in. They have created a package of items designed to easily create an out-of-school creative club, in which students can spend more time working directly with 3D modeling software and 3D printers. 

The package includes a website to form the base of communications for the club, as well as assistance in generating funds for acquisition of 3D equipment and software. The approach used is crowdfunding, which when done properly, can raise the amounts required for this purpose. 

They also include a set of activities students can undertake. One project, shown here, is an adaptor for mounting a tablet computer on a standard tripod. 

The projects created by You Invent are practical and achievable, ensuring the students learn they can actually create useful items with the new technologies. 

We believe this is the correct way to encourage students towards 3D technology. If they can understand the way to connect from idea to reality, they’ve gained a great advantage over others who have not done so. The You Invent club concept could certainly make that happen. 

Via You Invent

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