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Astroprint Adds Connectivity

astroprint ordering.jpg

Cloud 3D print management service Astroprint has been busy adding capabilities to their already-popular service. 

Astroprint provides a simple interface to managing a personal 3D printer. They explain their functions in this way: 

Slice, Store, and Print your 3D files from any web enabled device. In addition, you can monitor your 3D printer and organize designs in the cloud.

While that is certainly extremely useful, they’ve recently been adding some interesting additional functions. 

First, they’ve connected with i.Materialise, the popular consumer-oriented 3D print service. i.Materialise is able to 3D print objects using their fleet of industrial 3D printers in materials not normally accessible to home users. But with the new Astroprint interface, anyone with Astroprint should be able to direct a print job towards i.Materialise as well as their own 3D printers. Now you can print that dragon in solid gold, if you can afford to! 

Secondly, they’ve made an interesting arrangement with 3D Slash. 3D Slash, if you’re not familiar with it, provides a very easy to use web-based 3D design tool, suitable for beginners. The new arrangement means that you can directly manipulate 3D models from your Astroprint dashboard using 3D Slash tools. Even better, the entire setup uses a single-sign on feature, so you only need to sign in once. This makes the Astroprint service even more useful, as you can adjust, remix or twiddle with 3D models before printing. 

Via Astroprint and 3D Slash


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