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Shapeways Preps For School Business

It’s the beginning of school season in many parts of the world, and Shapeways announced special deals for the education market. 

They’ve announced the “3D Printing Campus Battle”, which is a competition to gain the most signups. The three schools having the most signups will receive free shipping for all their Shapeways printing for the remainder of the school year. 

Students entering the challenge also receive 20% discount of any model printing in the month of September and 15% off for the remainder of the academic year. And if that isn’t enough, their first print is entirely free, up to USD$25. 

The discounts apply only to 3D models of the student’s own design, and not to purchases made in Shapeways’ extensive catalog of professionally designed objects. This makes sense for students, as they will typically be building projects for school.   

If you’re a student that intends on 3D printing with Shapeways, you might want to get on this by engaging as many fellow students as possible by October 31st, when the contest closes. 

The question we're wondering is whether the other major consumer-oriented 3D print services will join in and provide discounts for students. So far, it doesn't appear so. 

Via Shapeways

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