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Another 3D Print Services Price Aggregator For You

Confused about pricing your 3D print service request? There’s a service for that. 

3D Printing Price Comparison has launched to provide a quick way of comparing the 3D print service quotes from the three major 3D print services, Shapeways, i.materialise and Sculpteo. 

3DPPC makes use of the digital pricing APIs provided by the three services to request pricing based on a 3D model provided by you. You simply upload a 3D model of your choice (or use one of their test 3D models to try out the service) and they will quickly display the actual price that would be charged by each of the three 3D print services, should you send your model to them. 

You’re also presented with the option to actually send your 3D model to any of the services for immediate printing. 

This is how 3DPPC funds their operations: they’ll receive a small commission from the print services, should they send any work their way. It doesn’t cost you any more, and in fact may cost you less because you can pick the service that offers the lowest pricing. 

We encourage 3D print services users to shop around; pricing is often dramatically different between services depending on the geometry of your model and the materials chosen, and price checking services are your friend. 3DPPC is one good choice for comparing service pricing; we also recommend trying 3D Printing Price Check.

Via 3D Printing Price Comparision

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