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Formlabs Announces the Form 2 3D Printer

At long last, Formlabs has released a brand new resin-based 3D printer to succeed their original Form 1/1+ machines. 

The “Form 2” is the name of the machine, which now seems obvious based on their previous model. But the new machine is far more than just a “plus one”. Here’s the highlights:

  • The Form 2’s build volume is over 40% larger than the Form 1+, enabling printing of much larger objects. The new volume is 145 x 145 x 175mm, as compared to the Form 1+'s volume of 125 x 125 x 165 mm. The Form 2 is both wider and taller. 
  • There is now an “automated resin system” that refills the resin tank during printing. If you’re printing larger items, this would seem to be a good idea.
  • The laser has been upgraded to 50% more powerful; Formlabs says this will provide better print resolution, and we’re wondering if it can speed printing, too. 
  • Form 2 includes a new “sliding peel mechanism”, a wiper and heated resin tank that makes it far easier to lift new layers off the bottom of the resin tank during printing. This should permit printing of more intricate shapes without damage. 
  • A “1-Click” printing option is available in Formlabs’ PreForm software to make printing easier.
  • A color touchscreen has been added as well as WiFi connectivity, enabling remote monitoring of print progress from other devices. 

Is this an evolution or a revolution? We think evolutionary; the Form 2 machine is similar to the Form 1/1+, but the number and power of the new features push the capabilities a lot farther. 

An interesting observation is that the press images presented by Formlabs include industrial uses and less focus on hobby applications. This is in line with the rest of the desktop 3D printing industry, who are largely shifting their focus to commercial uses of the technology. It seems that Formlabs is also following that strategy. 

The Form 2 will be priced at USD$3,499 and is available today! 

Via Formlabs

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