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Sindoh’s 3DWox 3D Printer

Korea-based Sindoh is bringing their interesting 3DWox desktop 3D printer to the world this November. 

Sindoh is not a small company; they’ve been making 2D paper printers for many years. Now, the 3DWox is their first prosumer-level 3D printer. It’s set to be sold in Korea this October, but in the USA this November. 

The 3DWox includes a number of typical and useful features: sealed chamber for print accuracy, heated print surface, touch-based color LCD control panel, automatic filament loading, WiFi/Flash/USB connectivity, interior LED lighting, camera, simplified operations and the ability to print PLA and ABS plastic, with HIPS and Nylon being tested now. 

The single extruder machine prints within a 210 x 200 x 200mm build volume and claims to be able to print layers in the 0.07 to 0.40mm range, which is among the best we’ve seen for plastic extrusion machines. 

The most interesting feature we observed was a semi-automated leveling system. The 3DWox senses the tip of the build plate and then tells you exactly how many turns to rotate the leveling screws to achieve a perfect level. It’s not completely automated, but this is a nice feature. 

One feature we weren’t fond of was the fact that this machine uses proprietary filament cartridges, shown here. This ties you to the manufacturer for supplies, which some find challenging - and expensive. On the other hand, this unique cartridge also includes features that permit automated loading of filament, which could save you time and trouble. We asked the price of a cartridge and were told they will run between USD$30-40 for 700g. That’s a bit more expensive than generic filament, but not overly so. This may be a good compromise to ensure you have reliable printing. 

The price of this machine? Only USD$999. That’s a very low price for a machine with all these features. While you might pay a bit more in supplies, the acquisition cost of the machine is low. 

Via Sindoh

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