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Onshape Switches Up Subscription Options, Unlimited Docs, Pushes for Pro

Onshape's web-based CAD system

Onshape's web-based CAD system

Well, well, well. Just as you were getting comfy with the limited private storage of Onshape’s free plan and dumping your Documents occasionally to clear room for others, they’ve gone and switched things up on you.

As of this week, Onshape is offering a new 21-day Pro plan trial with no storage limits, unlimited private Documents and full CAD-crafting features. 

The Pro plan price stays the same at $100/month billed annually, but changes to $125 for those who want the convenience of paying more monthly. 

If you don’t continue on the Pro plan, you’ll be put on the Free plan (and given a sad face sticker), retaining unlimited public Documents and the same CAD functionality, but minus Private document storage, sharing and collaboration.

Here’s how it breaks down now…

If you’re currently on the Free plan, and have private Documents, you have until December 15th to switch to Pro. If you don’t, and your Documents are not made public, you’ll be able to access them, but not edit them–they’ll just be sitting there, looking at you, giggling indistinctly. 

So, time to export your models, publicize them or bite the $100 bullet and upgrade to Pro. If you’re already a Pro customer and paying monthly, there will be no increase in price and you can keep it for any new users you add.

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