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Fabbaloo's Annual Survey Still Needs Your Input

Fabbaloo and Sculpteo team up

Fabbaloo and Sculpteo team up

Our annual reader survey is STILL going and we need your input today!

Each year we arm-twist our faithful readers to give up their thoughts on our operations so that we can properly plan our next year's activities. It's an essential step that every business should perform, and we're no exception.

But why participate? Beyond giving us a favor, there's something in it for you, too: popular 3D print service Sculpteo has graciously sponsored our survey with a USD$100 gift certificate for advanced 3D print services to a lucky winner. After our survey closes, we'll randomly draw a winner from the numerous entrants and they'll be able to partake of Sculpteo's considerable 3D print services.

The company offers a wide variety of 3D print services for your 3D models on advanced 3D printing gear you might not otherwise be able to access. You could, for instance, 3D print an object in full RGB color, or in materials you might not be able to print on your own equipment. You can check out their capabilities here.

Ah yes, you'd like to know how to participate? It's very straightforward and will take you hardly any time at all to complete. Just hit THIS FORM and get started. Thanks for helping out!


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