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3DPrintler Launches An Investment Fund For 3D And Other Tech

You might recall 3DPrintler as being a powerful search engine for costing potential 3D print services, but now they’re branching out into another area: 3D print investments. 

The company already has operations beyond the search engine, including 3DPonics, a system for producing hydroponic gear using 3D print technology and, a 3D modeling package. Now it seems they’re looking to build their portfolio by investing in new ventures. 

Specifically, they’ve allocated USD$100,000 to spend on startups in the areas of not only just 3D printing and scanning, but also  AI, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Robotics. 

If successful, applying companies will receive between USD$5,000 to USD$25,000 in funding for their venture. 

Yes, these are VERY small amounts, but the idea here is that they’re providing very early stage funding, in what they term “pre-angel” funding. In other words, it’s money to see if you can get your project started. 

Of course, 3DPrintler will take ownership of a to-be-determined portion of the venture, but that’s how investing works. 

According to 3DPrintler’s Michael Golubev: 

It's out-of-the box thinking on how to spend it to grow the 3Dprintler eco-system and find new talent or new blood.

The 3DPrintler portfolio grows. 

Via 3DPrintler and 3DPrintler

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