Kudo3D’s New Titan 2 DLP 3D Printer

Kudo3D’s new Titan 2 resin-based 3D printer

3D printing startup Kudo3D has announced a new DLP-based resin 3D printer, the Titan 2. 

As with any DLP-based resin 3D printer, the resolution of the prints vary with the volume. This is because the DLP pixels can be focused on a larger area for larger prints, resulting in lower resolution, or a smaller area for finely detailed prints. 

For the Titan 2, the XY resolution, or voxel size, varies between 0.037 and 0.100mm, with a layer size of 0.05mm. At the most coarse resolution, the build volume is 190 x 109 x 249mm. That’s pretty huge for a resin 3D printer, but remember the resolution is 0.100mm, about the same as a plastic extrusion machine. 

The build speed for the Titan 2 is impressive, as they use something they call “PSP” to minimize the sticking effects that typically slow down the processing of each layer of resin 3D printing: the just-completed layer adheres to the bottom of the resin tank and must be slowly pulled off, delaying printing. Kudo3D has found a way to minimize this with their patented PSP approach. The result is a maximum build speed of almost 70mm per hour with a 0.100mm layer size. Of course, higher resolution prints will be much slower. 

At higher resolution, the build volume will be quite smaller also, and curiously Kudo3D doesn’t list this in their specifications. It seems they want to portray their machine as one that can print large objects in resin at high speed. 

Their speed, however, is unlikely to rival several competitors that have essentially eliminated the tank adhesion problem through chemistry, like Carbon or Uniz. 

The Titan 2 is powered by a Raspberry Pi, which is quite unusual, as most machines have standard controller boards, Arduinos or custom-made electronics. The Pi could enable Kudo3D to quickly deploy interesting additional software features that may turn the Titan 2 into an even more powerful machine. The Titan 2, for example, includes a WiFi connection, which likely is a side effect of the Pi’s capabilities. What else might they do? 

The machine hasn’t yet been released, but you can pre-order one for USD$3,288 until June 19th, when the price rises by USD$200. For that price, you’ll receive a “Green Emerald or Red Ruby” cover on the Titan 2, your choice, a pair of resin tanks and build platforms (for high and low resolution) and a kilo of ABS-like resin. 

Via Kudo3D

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