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Fabbaloo to Invade the Netherlands

 The Netherlands will soon be visited by Fabbaloo

The Netherlands will soon be visited by Fabbaloo

Next week our team will be on the ground in Amsterdam to attend the AMShow at the RAI exhibition centre. 

We’re very curious to see how the AMShow runs, as it is the very first AMShow to take place after the company behind the show, Tarsus, acquired 3D Printshow late last year. 

The new show is set to provide much more focus on commercial and industrial aspects of 3D printing, and less on the consumer and artistic components previously exhibited by 3D Printshow. Why do so? Well, the answer is quite straightforward.

In the words of noted American bank robber Willie Sutton, “Because that's where the money is." In truth, Sutton didn’t actually say this, but the statement is definitely true in this case. Consumers might have been the source of the most money in the 3D printing business, had the consumer units been sufficiently easy to operate to generate massive sales. Instead, they continued to be challenging to operate and justify (for most people), leaving those focused on the consumer market in a bit of a hole. 

Smart 3D print companies have switched focus to industrial, commercial and professional applications, where the money really is. It’s there because there are definitely profitable uses of 3D printing in many, many situations. 

That’s the reason for the AMShow focus and as such they’ve been able to attract a wide range of exhibitors to their show, currently numbering around over 50+ industry exhibitors. That’s a lot for a 3D print show, especially one that’s just launched. 

Notable companies exhibiting include: Sharebot, BEEVERYCREATIVE, Leapfrog, Sculpteo, ColorFabb, Polymaker, Ultimaker, Prodways, Envisiontec, MCOR, Builder, Felix Printers, Formlabs, BigRep and of course Zortrax. 

But there’s more than just this show. The Netherlands is ground zero for 3D printing initiatives, with many notable companies originating in that European country. 

While we’re in the Amsterdam area we are interested in seeing any 3D print-related operation, equipment or site you might want to show us. Please drop us a line here if you’d like to connect with us.

See you there!

Via AMShow Europe

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