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Tinkerine Ups Their STEAM Game

Tinkerine U video selection

Tinkerine U video selection

3D printer manufacturer Tinkerine has launched a new version of their online university, Tinkerine U.

The new platform’s design is based on feedback obtained from educators using their previous version, and therefore it should be an even more useful system. Tinkerine describes the update:

Through the last two year we've worked with a lot of teachers and institutions to really home in on what educators expect from a learning platform. A recurring problem that we kept seeing was that even if a teacher or student was to receive a 3D printer today, most of them would be lost as to where to begin. As a team, we continued to look at the current state of education in the 3D printing industry. We also dug into our own experiences to really define what helped us learn and facilitate opportunities of discovery during our childhood. What we noticed was that there was a stigma in regards to failure. If people are afraid to experiment with a new technology in fear that something will break, they're unknowingly limiting their creativity and simply replicating what others have done successfully.

With the new Tinkerine U, the core idea behind the platform remains the same. We're still here to share our experience and knowledge in everything 3D printing. But this time we want to also capture and celebrate the process of creation (the ideation, the iterations, and certainly the “failures”), not just the glory of the finished work and the success stories.

Some Tinkerine U discussions

Some Tinkerine U discussions

I think this is totally brilliant. This site is very well organized and welcoming to visitors, who will quickly dive deep into projects, discussions and new ideas to do with 3D printing.  Videos, text and images are all prominent elements in each section. 

I particularly like the attention to detail. One example might be a 3D print project that takes only ten minutes to print. Why so quick? Because it fits into the class period, making it possible for the educator to explain and execute a 3D printing project without loss of attention. 

Categories of activities within Tinkerine U

Categories of activities within Tinkerine U

Tinkerine is one of the most forward thinking desktop 3D printer companies, being one of the first to recognize that you cannot just sell “a 3D printer”. Specs don’t sell. 

Functionality sells. And so they smartly chose the education market as their target. Thus their goal is not so much to “Make great 3D printers”, but instead to ensure that “Educators are able to do their jobs better with great 3D printers”. It is a subtle difference, but one that makes Tinkering’s products resonate very strongly with educators. 

Such focus is rarely found in small 3D printer companies, of whom many still fight the battle over specifications. The winners of the battle will be those companies that provide true value to a specific set of customers. 

And that’s what Tinkerine is doing.

Via Tinkerine U

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