Fiverr Introduces ‘Fiverr Pro’ Platform for High-Caliber Design Talent

Fiverr now provides a way to contact professional designers

In the (relatively new) world of on-demand services ranging from car rides to grocery delivery, winners can come out on both sides: 

The buyer is happy to have more time in their pocket and the seller has a steady line of revenue that previously might not have existed before—all from the convenience of a smartphone app. But just like the latest Uber hiccups that have been plaguing the headlines, this isn’t always as easy and straight-cut as one would think.

And for those who create high-quality digital assets ranging from logos to 3D models, services such as Fiverr can cheapen the value of their work in an already-bloated marketplace. BUT — there could be a silver lining in there.

With the announcement of Fiverr Pro this week, Fiverr is offering true professionals the chance to stand above the marketplace noise and offer their creative services to premium buyers. For the buyers themselves, this takes a headache out of sifting through hundreds of profiles to find the best candidate for their project. 

For the marketing-savvy sellers, the visibility that Fiverr Pro offers can potentially open up their ‘sales funnel’ in ways that might not have previously existed before.

“Fiverr Pro helps you take your talent to the next level, with a highly professional environment, serious business buyers, and elite peers,” explains the company in a blog post. “We offer a hassle-free process, so you’ll get paid easily and on time, every time. Our dedicated Success Managers will assist you in maximizing the platform, and if needed, Fiverr will resolve issues that might come up between Buyers and Sellers.”

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