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Rize One 3D Printer Heads to Customers

A 3D-printed part created with the Rize One. (Image courtesy of Rize.)

A 3D-printed part created with the Rize One. (Image courtesy of Rize.)

At this time last year, a new company called Rize came onto the market with a unique form of plastic extrusion 3D printing that promised to do away with elaborate post-processing procedures, while maintaining part integrity. 

Having showcased its Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology at numerous industry events since then, Rize is shipping its flagship Rize One 3D printer. 

APD combines fused filament fabrication with inkjetting for some interesting results. As the company’s proprietary engineering- and medical-grade thermoplastic Rizium One is extruded out of a hot end, an inkjet head is able to deposit a range of unique inks to print for a variety of applications. 

One of the features that makes the Rize One so potentially valuable is the minimal amount of post-processing required for the parts it makes. To achieve this, a repelling ink called Release One is deposited between the print and the support structures, preventing a solid bond from forming. Therefore, once the print is complete, these support structures can be easily removed by hand, cutting total 3D printing turnaround time by 50 percent.


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