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Are 3D-Printed Consumer Ceramics Finally Here?

The Ceramo One 3D ceramic printer

The Ceramo One 3D ceramic printer

3D-printed performance ceramics have been available from a variety of photopolymer additive manufacturing (AM) platforms for some time, and there are even more on the horizon. 

3D-printed consumer ceramics, however, are another story. Now, it seems as if that story may have reached a climax of sorts, as New York-based startup Kwambio has unveiled the Ceramo One ceramics 3D printer at International CES 2018.

The Ceramo One is the result of Kwambio’s research into 3D-printed ceramics, as a part of its design and fabrication marketplace. Typically, ceramic parts can be made with the help of a 3D-printed mold, which not only adds extra steps but also has the potential to increase costs and extend the production process.

As mentioned above, methods exist for 3D printing some ceramic materials. For instance, binder jetting, the method used for 3D Systems’ ColorJet Printing process, can print full-color gypsum parts. These parts, however, cannot be used for utilitarian purposes. Binder jetting is also used to 3D print sand parts, which serve industrial uses. 

In 2013, 3D Systems acquired a startup dedicated to 3D printing consumer ceramics with binder jet technology previously, in 2014, showcasing the CeraJet 3D printer at CES. However, the CeraJet, along with a number of other unique printers unveiled by the company, never made it to market.


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