Dynamical Tools’ Interesting Product Line

The team behind the Dynamical Tools industrial 3D printers [Source: Advanced Production Tools S.A]

Spain-based Advanced Production Tools S.A produces a line of powerful industrial 3D printers under the name Dynamical Tools.

All of their machines are definitely targeted at industry, as they include numerous features specifically for that market. Let’s have a look at their current line of equipment.

Three of their models, the DTLite, DT60 and HT45, exist within a spectrum of capabilities. All use a filament extrusion-based process, but packaged in an industrial manner. The “smallest” of the trio is the DTLite.

, Dynamical Tools’ Interesting Product Line The Dynamical Tools DTLite Industrial 3D printer [Source: Advanced Production Tools S.A]

“Smallest” is in quotes because the DTLite is factually the smallest machine in their portfolio of equipment. However, that raw machine size of DTLite dwarfs that of many other machines at a huge 600 x 450 x 450 mm. This machine is quite capable as it can handle 3D printing of these commonly used engineering materials:








  • PLA 3D850 SM PLA 3D870 SM FLEX SM


  • PLA HT 3dkTOP

While these happen to be Dynamical Tools branded materials, the DTLite can also handle similar materials made from third parties, thus potentially lowering operating costs and opening the possibility of using experimental material for special projects.

The DTLite includes dual extruders, but with a difference: they are independently controlled. This means on extruder can be performing one task while the other does something completely different. In practice, this enables the DTLite to perform four different modes of 3D printing:

  1. SINGLE, where a single material is extruded in the normal manner

  2. DUAL, where two different materials can be applied to a print within the same print job

  3. TWIN, where two copies of an object can be made simultaneously, cutting execution cost in half

  4. REFLEX, where two mirror image copies of an object are made simultaneously.

The DTLite is equipped with a 7” full color touchscreen for operational control, and also includes a number of connectivity options including wired or wireless networking.

There are features that make the DTLite an industrial machine, including the unique heated filament feeder, where material is pre-warmed before printing to increase print quality. A set of swappable nozzles (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 mm sizes, with the default being 0.6mm) allows the operator to select the right balance between print quality and print speed.

, Dynamical Tools’ Interesting Product Line The Dynamical Tools DT60 Industrial 3D printer [Source: Advanced Production Tools S.A]

The DTLite is joined by its superior cousin, the DT60. This industrial 3D printer also boasts a huge build volume of 600 x 450 x 450 mm and includes all the same interesting features. However, the DT60 machine includes a different mechanical system to provide more accuracy. While the DTLite has an impressive XY accuracy of up to 16 microns, the DT60 can do even better at up to only 7.5 microns. Similarly, the DTLite can move in the Z-axis as small as 1.6 microns, while the DT60 can reach 1.25microns.

In addition to being able to 3D print same extensive list of materials as the DTLite, the DT60 is also able to 3D print these engineering materials:

  • PET Arnite ID3040 Nexeo

  • PP SM



  • CARBONIUM Treed Filaments

  • PA12 Nylon DT

  • PC DT


  • PA666 Novamid ID1030 Nexeo v1.0

But the big difference between the DTLite and the DT60 is in heat performance. The DTLite can reach an impressive 300C on its hot end nozzles, while the DT60 can reach a scorching 500C. The DTLite’s maximum ambient heat can reach 50C, but the DT60’s build chamber can reach 120C, higher than almost every other 3D printer on the market. The extreme temperatures require the DT60 to employ liquid cooling systems on its extrusion and hot end components.

The DT60 includes production-style filament handling mechanisms, including the ability to hold double-sized spools and an automatic filament change system, a feature normally found only on much more expensive Fortus machines.

Print quality and reliability is increased on the DT60 with its filament out detection and filament jam detection systems. Most other machines do not include either of these features, let alone both.

You’ll also see the print in action with the DT60’s on-board webcam, which can be accessed remotely via WiFi.

, Dynamical Tools’ Interesting Product Line The Dynamical Tools HT45 Industrial 3D printer [Source: Advanced Production Tools S.A]

At the top end of the range there is the HT45 Industrial 3D printer. This device includes many of the same features as the DT60, but with a slightly smaller, but still enormous build volume of 450 x 300 x 300 mm. The difference with this machine is that it is specifically designed to deal with often difficult-to-print high-temperature materials such as PEEK, PAEK, ULTEM and the like.

The HT45 again includes all the material capabilities of the DTLite and the DT60, and adds these high temperature materials:

  • PEEK 3dxtech

  • PEEK-CFR 3dxtech

  • PEI Ultem 9085 3dxtech

  • PEKK 3dxtech

  • PPS 3dxtech

  • Filamentos Metálicos Virtual Foundry

The HT45 is specially designed to handle very coarse materials like metal-powder filled filament, which in other systems can rapidly erode away the soft metal of inferior hot end nozzles.

And that’s the line of Dynamical Tools filament 3D printers.

Wait, there’s one more thing!

, Dynamical Tools’ Interesting Product Line The Dynamical Tools DTLite Industrial 3D printer [Source: Advanced Production Tools S.A]

Dynamical Tools also offers an SLS 3D printer, one that uses laser-sintered nylon powder as opposed to spooled filament. The ST30’s generous build volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm is filled with inert gas during printing, when the on board CO2 laser speeds along the surface rapidly solidifying the intended object. In fact, the ST30 can fuse up to 0.5L of material per hour if printing 0.1mm layers. That’s quite fast.

The company also recently announced they’ve come to an agreement to distribute their equipment in the German-speaking market through reseller Disc Direct Handels GmbH, who offer high quality 3D printing equipment from trusted suppliers.

For further details on any of the Dynamical Tools machines, please visit their site.

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