Have You Completed Our Reader Survey?

Yes, it is a new year, but we are keeping our annual survey open just a bit longer.

Each year we run a short survey of our readers to gather important feedback from the most important people in our operation: You!

While we’re eagerly consuming your feedback, you’re not left out either: we’re offering a US$100 gift certificate for use at premier 3D print service Sculpteo that you can use to produce, well, anything you’d like.

Sculpteo prints in a wide variety of materials on their various commercial 3D printing equipment, and recently they’ve added laser cutting functions. We suspect you’d prefer the 3D print services, though, being readers of this publication.

Completing the survey will take you only a few moments and we’d be eternally grateful for your input. We need your thoughts to make this a better publication!

Get the survey right here!

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