Autodesk Fusion 360 (Sub) Now Includes EAGLE PCB Design

Seems those New Year’s Eve champagne corks over at Autodesk had an electrical surprise attached to them. 

The January Fusion 360 product update isn’t out yet but notifications are going out about new subscription benefits.

If you’re a user of Fusion 360, your subscription now includes access to Autodesk EAGLE, the electronic design automation software to aid schematic layout or determine PCB routing and component placement. EAGLE users will also now get Fusion 360.

From Autodesk, Fusion 360 Director and Chief Product Strategist, Kevin Schneider, on Twitter:

“In @adskFusion360 news, starting today Fusion 360 now includes @ADSKEAGLE. As an Eagle user you also get Fusion 360! We are on the cusp of releasing game changing convergence of ECAD & MCAD. So proud of @technolomaniac & team breaking down boundries and reimagining design.”

Depending on if you already have a Fusion 360 subscription or were only paying for Autodesk EAGLE, your feeling about this may be different. They have an Autodesk Eagle knowledge base article to address questions and clear up the muddiness you might have around subscription, pricing, and credits.

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