Apple Shocks With LiDAR-Equipped iPad

Apple has surprisingly introduced a new iPad that includes a LiDAR depth sensor, potentially allowing the introdution of new, inexpensive mobile 3D scanning systems.


Hands On With The Morphi App

We’re testing Morphi on one of our lab iPads, and it seems to be a very good introductory 3D modeling tool.

Apple Takes a Big Step Towards 3D Printing

Reports this week that Apple has purchased 3D sensor maker Primesense got us thinking about what this might mean in the future.    But first,

Apple’s Tiny Step into 3D

Shortly after we suggested Apple won’t be 3D printing anytime soon, they took a teeny tiny step in that direction.    According to a report

Will Apple Get Into 3D Printing?

We think no. Apple will not get into 3D printing anytime soon.    There’s several reasons we take this view. First, remember that Apple’s mantra

Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Maker

3D print service Sculpteo adds to the ever-increasing set of 3D model-generating apps by creating a custom iPhone design service.    It’s similar to most

Freshfiber Offers 3D Printed iPhone 5 Cases

Mere hours after Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement, custom case vendor Freshfiber announced they now offer cases for said device.    In all, Freshfiber announced six

Hear and Feel Your Favorite Sounds

This is interesting – Shapeways has teamed up with online Sound sharing site SoundCloud to produce  “The Vibe” a very unique 3D model creator. From

The Useful iPod Nano Watchband

You’ve no doubt seen those squarish iPod Nano’s in the Apple Store. They’re so square that someone long ago thought they’d be easily transformed into

3D Prints Hit The Apple Store

If it’s in the Apple Store it’s got to be good, right? That might be debated, but regardless Freshfiber has landed their custom-printed iPhone covers

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