Additive Manufacturing 2.0?
additive manufacturing 2.0

Additive Manufacturing 2.0?

Is the current inflection point for 3D printing tipping us into “Additive Manufacturing 2.0”?

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public
desktop metal

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public

3D printing unicorn Desktop Metal announced today that it will go public by the end of this year; we catch up with the CEO to learn more about what that means for the company.


Why The Rush To Metal 3D Printing?

Why are so many new metal 3D printing companies and services emerging? There are three main reasons for this growth in additive manufacturing.


What? Desktop Metal Is Doing Desktop Plastic?

Desktop Metal announced a continuous carbon fiber 3D printer, the Fiber, which uses a version of the industrial AFP (automated fiber placement) process to produce very strong parts.

$Markforged vs Desktop Metal

Markforged Files Claim Against Desktop Metal, Again

A lawsuit between Markforged and Desktop Metal? The two companies begin court battle again with Markforged claiming disparaging marketing material by Desktop Metal.

desktop metal

Dawn of a New 3D Metal Printing Era

On or about today, future 3D print historians may mark the moment as a critical shift in usage of the expanding technology. 

desktop metal

Stratasys’ Backdoor Path Into Metal 3D Printing?

With the huge increase of interest in metal 3D printing, you’d wonder why Stratasys, perhaps the largest 3D printing company in the world, doesn’t yet offer metal 3D printers.

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