An Enormous Metal 3D Printer Heads To Protolabs

Minnesota-based Protolabs plans on firing up a GE Additive Concept Laser X Line 2000R metal 3D printer late this year, and there’s a good reason why they’re doing so.

$3D printed metal wheels

Design of the Week: HRE3D+ Wheels

This week’s selection is the startling HRE3D+ 3D printed wheel by HRE Performance Wheels.


How 3D Printing Can Reduce Emissions

I’m reading a piece from GE talking about emissions, and began thinking about 3D printing and emissions in general.


30,000 3D Printed Fuel Nozzles

Milestones are mounting in additive manufacturing, with production parts hitting new highs.


GE Ideas Get Closer To Reality

Last week GE announced they’ve completed an actual test of their long-awaited new turboprop engine.

binder jet

GE Has a BInder Jetting 3D Printer?

I thought I misread the press release, when it said GE Additive has developed a binder jet 3D printer. 


GE Begins Transformation of Arcam

GE announced a branding change for their latest 3D printing acquisition Arcam, but that’s only the start. 

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