Faberdashery Sells PLA With a Twist

A new service for 3D printer owners has emerged: Faberdashery. They sell plastic filament that’s suitable for use in several types of popular 3D printers,


i.Materialise Glitters with Gold and Silver

3D print service i.Materialise now offers printing in Gold and Silver metals. They’re not the first service to offer this ability, but it’s wonderful to


Gray Materialises

Who likes gray? It’s a dull, less-than-noticeable color that blends into any background. A gray car? Never! However, there’s something intriguing about i.Materialise’s new 3D


Fiberglass Reinforced 3D Printing?

We ran across what appears to be an experiment by remote control flyers who are trying to hack super-strong airplane parts. The video doesn’t really


Shapeways Glazes Over

We are continually amazed at the ingenuity of the Shapeways 3D print service; they seem to come up with new materials for their service almost


3D Printed CubeSat

You may have seen a freight train pass by hauling endless standard-sized shipping containers. Those containers make freight economical because the entire transportation system can


Shapeways Introduces New Detail Material

Shapeways, one of the leading 3D print services, is trialing a new pair of print materials that are specially designed for high detail. They’re taking


Variable Steel Print Pricing At i.Materialise

When i.Materialise introduced stainless steel printing earlier this year they used a very straightforward pricing scheme: price by volume. Now they’ve announced a new scheme


3D Printing in Wood. No, Really!

It was April 1st this week, the day when every blog post must be read with great suspicion. One very clever post from Freedom of


3D Print Objects In Wood

Amazing? Yes. Inevitable? Probably. A huge step forward? Definitely! Of what do we speak? It’s Freedom of Creation’s latest successful venture into 3D printing using


MakerBot Takes A Bath?

Most 3D printing companies and services experiment by introducing new products from time to time, and MakerBot is definitely one of the most experimental of

Self-Made Biodegradable Plastic?

We’re reading a post on LifeHacker talking about making your own biodegradable plastic. Evidently the recipe is straightforward:   Grab some milk or cream, and


Metal and Plastic Materials from EOS

It’s press release season at EuroMold, and here we see that laser sintering equipment manufacturer EOS has released some pretty amazing new materials, as you


Hot Ice For Support Material?

What’s “Hot Ice”, you ask? It’s not exactly water, as you might suspect. Instead it’s a totally bizarre liquid-to-solid material that just might be useful


High Glossing Shapeways

Another development from always-inventive Shapeways 3D print service this week: you can now print in High Gloss Glass material.    The material is indeed glass,


Glowing Objects

Nicholas Lewis has discovered that the Blue PLA filament build material he’s been using glows when illuminated by black-light. The picture above tells the story.


Golden 3D Prints with Shapeways’ Midas Touch

Shapeways is experimenting with another print material, one you’ve always wanted to have: Gold!   They’ve managed to develop a process where a gold-plating step


Ice Printing

We know it’s spring and things are warming up (at least on the top side of our planet), but it’s time to talk about ice.


Glass Objects from Shapeways

The big news this week was clearly Shapeways surprise announcement: they now provide glass as print material!     Glass printing has been the subject of


Stratasys Reduces Support Material by 40%

Stratasys, makers of the Dimension series of commercial 3D printers has announced a breakthrough in support technology. For those who don’t know, support material is


Digging Through eBay for 3D

Following up on our earlier article in which we sought out used 3D printers on eBay, we noticed that printers are not the only relevant


Ceramic 3D Printer?

Unfold is experimenting with printing ceramics. They’ve acquired a RapMan 3D printer kit and “Currently we are working on a toolhead that can extrude clay.” This


Sampling Solido

Fabbaloo managed to lay our hands on a sample 3D print from Solido, one of the major commercial 3D printer manufacturers. The print, in the


RepRap Explained

Dr. Adrian Bowyer of the University of Bath and the father of the RepRap 3D printer takes us on a video tour of RepRap, including


One Blue Ring

The guys at Open3DP seem to have made a breakthrough in their quest to develop glass-based 3D printing. Every week they seem to make progress,


Full Color 3D Printing

Yes, that’s right – Shapeways now offers full color 3D printing. They’ve scored a ZCorp 650 3D printer, which provides the color capability. The “Full


New Image Plastics

Need some plastic for your 3D printer? Unsatisfied with your current choice of print media? There’s another option for you to consider: New Image Plastics,


Material of the Year!

  Last month blog Material ConneXion announcement the winners in their new MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year. This is the first annual presentation


3D Ping Pong by Materialise

Materialise, one of the larger 3D print services recently did an experiment using their new “Extreme” stereolithography material. They call it extreme because it’s quite


Shapeways Expands Materials

As they’ve done many times in the past, the Shapeways 3D printing service has expanded the materials available for builds. This time they’ve announced some


Get Ready for Printed Electronics

We were all quite impressed when the RepRap printer managed to reproduce itself some months ago. But in fact the reproduction was only of its


More Glass 3D Printing Experiments

The folks at the University of Washington continue their experiments with 3D printing with glass, and it’s looking even better now. Here are some of



Timothy Mayer tips us to an example of a robot built by the Cornell Computational Synthesis Laboratory. The robot’s structure was fabbed with a Fab@Home


Objet Has 48

Forty-eight different kinds of digital materials, that is. They’ve just announced a eighteen more materials to add to their ever-increasing set. From their press release:


Glass Printing

We’ve seen many different materials being used as the print medium for 3D printers, including the obvious (titanium, wax, plastic) and a few rather bizarre


Ooo! Smooth!

Shapeways has added a new material: White Glaze, or as we like to call it: Smooth! Evidently the white coats in Shapeways’ secret lab toiled


Stratasys Adds Four More

Four more build materials, that is. Specifically made for their Fortus 900mc 3D printer, the new materials have improved properties: SABIC’s ULTEM 9085: Strong and


Objet Rubberizes

  Objet, makers of the Polyjet line of 3D printers, have introduced “Castaldo®’s VLT™ [Very Low Temperature] molding rubber”, which should greatly simplify the making


Kraftmark’s FabEpoxy

  If you were to purchase a big-time commercial 3D printer from one of the industry leaders (Dimension, Objet, ZCorp, etc.) you get more than


ZCorp Gets Harder

New material is now available from one of the most popular 3D printer manufacturers: ZCorp. They recently released zp150, a “premium composite build material” that


The Objet Connex350

  Today Objet announces their newest printer, the Connex350, joining the Connex500 in Objet’s flagship product line. Like the earlier Connex500, the new Connex350 has


The Force is Strong…

  Those guys at MakerBot (including Bre Prettis pictured above) certainly know how to have fun. In this amusing short video, they not only persuade


RC Racing with RP Parts

  RP = Rapid Prototyping. We all know that – RP technologies are traditionally used to create rough “test” objects, suitable only for eyeball inspection.


Shapeways Lowers Media Pricing

  Shapeways, the innovative 3D printing service announced they’ve lowered the pricing on their most popular print media, “White Strong & Flexible”. It’s now 10%


Stone-Age 3D Printing!

  There’s always complaints about the price of 3D print media, as exhibited in our comments in recent days. People say it’s not the cost


ULTEMate Material?

  RedEye on Demand, one of the larger-sized 3D print services now offers a new printing material: ULTEM. What is it? We believe it to


Coffee Printer!

  Once again another print media has emerged: Coffee Grinds! Yes, this one-of-a-kind specialized printer actually uses coffee grinds as its print media. It can

3D Systems

It’s All Wax

3D Systems has announced the ProJet CPX 3000 3D printer, and it’s claim to fame is that it can produce objects of fine detail using


Shapeways Goes Dark

No, they’re not shutting down; rather they are expanding by now offering a new hi-res black color for your 3D prints. The busy 3D print


Stratasys Gets Harder

New print media materials were recently announced by Stratasys for use in their FDM 360mc and FDM 400mc 3D printers. Both PC and PC-ABS are


Shapeways Gets Bent

  Shapeways, the latest consumer-oriented 3D printing service that’s making a huge splash across the internet, slipped in an announcement last month about a new

What Z-Corp Ink is Made Of

We’ve been following a thread in the reprap forums that discusses the composition of inks, started by a post linking to two UK Material Safety

Tailor-Made Bones… by an AI

The Guardian reports on just-in-time fabbed titanium bone replacements. But that’s not what the story is really about. Siavash Mahdavi faced the problem of producing

MPP: Metal Printing Process

A interesting article appeared this week describing a new approach to 3D printing being undertaken in Europe by Norwegian research institute Sintef. The process attempts


Nutella Printing

If it flows, melts or powders, someone will eventually stuff it down the media hopper of a 3D printer. Today’s discovery is “Nutella” printing. Yes,


Wax Milling

  We’ve seen some strange materials being used in fabrication before, including Paper, Metal, Sugar, Iron , Live Tissue, and even Pasta! Now we see another media: Wax!

Clean Media for Your 3D Printer

One of the main concerns with any 3D printer is the media. To a large extent, its characteristics govern the quality, appearance and robustness of

Media Mixing

We spotted this interesting idea: improve the robustness of printed objects by altering the mix. Evidently a Swinburne professor mixed iron powder with a nylon

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